Etz Hasade Nagarut Oman

“Etz Hasade” is a company which engages in the execution of wood and carpentry works, starting from the production stages until the final finish.
The uniqueness of “Etz Hasade” is its direct connection to the world of construction, a creator of the combination of forces with the companies "Even HaSade" and "Amirat Sade".

This connection gives advantages to all the companies. In the case of “Etz Hasade” this advantage is expressed by `specialization and a unique specialty and work in the vicinity of the construction sites, in accordance with the architectural design and the designers' plans and also providing fast and efficient creative solutions, in accordance with the field requirements, all through a professional and experienced team.

“Etz Hasade” provides services also to private customers, and produces high-level furniture products. among other things, bathroom cabinets, wall cabinets, children's rooms, office furniture and more, by using the highest quality raw and finishing materials, which includes: Solid wood, veneer, formica, epoxy painting and the like.

Amirat Sade Entrepreneurship And Engineering

“Amirat Sade” is an entrepreneurial and contracting company, which carries out residential projects, at a high and high-quality level. As a company which engages in initiating projects, “Amirat Sade” directly affects all the development stages of each project, starting from the promotion of plans in front of the planning committees, until the delivery of the key to the apartment buyers.

Behind the company are standing the brothers” Aharon and Zion Sade, alongside with: Amos Segev, which together create a combination of rich experience and proven reputation, extensive professional knowledge and financial strength.

“Amirat Sade” is Characterized by striving for excellence, while maintaining a personal and close relationship with its customers.

Throughout the project’s life, on the basis of the concept that every apartment which is built by the company, will create a home for its buyers, therefore it is so important. The company’s address is: Hagolan Street, no. 8, Kadima-Zoran.

A.Z. Sade Holdings

A.Z. Sade Holdings is the holding company, whose main activity is the properties maintenance, their management and operation.

The company is familiar in locating high-quality real estate assets, and with Investment potential expenses Inherent in them, from power to action.